PITTSBURGH–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Impossible Objects announced today the launch of Model One, its pilot 3D printing machine to revolutionize high-volume manufacturing and initial pilot program members, including Jabil and select Fortune 500 customers.

The announcement took place at the RAPID+TCT 3D printing and additive manufacturing conference.

While many 3D printing companies have focused on producing prototypes made of plastics or metal, the Model One is designed to 3D print functional parts, at scale, using the widest selection of materials. Impossible Objects’ composite-based additive manufacturing method (CBAM) enables companies to use a range of composite materials, including carbon fiber, Kevlar and fiberglass together with PEEK and other high performance polymers, to build the strongest lightweight parts.

“We’ve seen tremendous interest from a range of companies who want the advantages of 3D printing for their high-volume manufacturing and for materials they cannot get elsewhere,” says Robert Swartz, chairman and founder of Impossible Objects. “Until now, there was no way to print functional parts with the mechanical and material properties at the scale these companies need. The Model One is just the beginning of what CBAM can do. Our CBAM technology has the potential to transform manufacturing as we know it.”

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