About Us

We're an early stage venture capital firm focused on equity investments in companies with dramatic growth potential, primarily in technology and highly-scalable services businesses.

What We Look for

Every opportunity is unique, but here’s a peek behind the curtain

We target US & Canada based companies

$1M-$3M check size with follow-on capacity

We typically come in at the Seed, Series A, and select Series B stage

We can lead and follow-on in rounds and we like syndicating with others

We want to see launched MVP and an early, measurable degree of customer adoption

We invest in enterprise software, consumer software, fintech, and digital health

Our Team

Steve Shein

Senior Associate

Allison Robinson

CEO, The Mom Project

Jo Varshney

CEO, Verisim Life

Jacob Navok

CEO, Genvid

Tracy Warren & Tammi Jantzen

CEO & COO, Astarte

Suelin Chen

CEO, Cake

Chris Nicholson

CEO, mPulse

Marc Bernstein

CEO, Balto

Ryan Van Wert

CEO, Vynca

Brad Weisberg

CEO, Snapsheet